Sorgente Group Italia | The Objectives

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Strengthen of the number of investors by increasing the offer of products in order to attract the interest of public investors and to increase the asset under management

Increase the managed funds through new products – in addition to iconic real estate investments – investing in:
- performing loans and non performing loans, 
- infrastructure
- energies

Strengthen of property, facility, building and project management also for third parties assets and not only for the assets owned by the real estate funds set up and managed by the Group

Reinforce the presence in the publishing sector  through the acquisition of other newspapers – national and local – with a clear journalistic identity with the purpose to create synergies and complementarity in services.



Registered and Operational Office: Via del Tritone nº 132 - 00187 ROMA
REA: RM 1214318 – VAT Code IT 10166741008
Share Capital: Euro 7.500.000 – Mezzi Propri: Euro 16.133.322
Total equity authorized of the Funds (30th of June 2018): Euro